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Choose your pricing plan

  • Consultation

    Need advice or recommendations on your event? Contact ATMB
    • Upgrade/diminish inventory
    • New trends
    • Banquet license assistance
    • Assistance with liquor ordering for events
    • Assistance with building clientele
    • Bar training
  • ATMB Self Serve

    Preset your cocktail table for serving and return to clean.
    • Themed decor, ice, mixers, and drinkware
    • 2 signature cocktails plus 1 refill for both (25/people)
    • Choice of one ATMB add-on (25/people)
    • Set-up/clean-up
  • Mock Set Up

    Virgin cocktail set up. Guaranteed to Wow your guest.
    • Set-up/clean up
    • Drinkware, themed decor, mixers, and ice
    • Two signatures mocktails
    • One choice of ATMB add-ons
  • Cocktail Set Up

    ATMB best seller! Customized your event today
    • Clean-up/set-up
    • Drinkware, themed decor, ice, and mixers
    • Two signature cocktails
    • One ATMB add-on
    • Liquor pickup (after host verify payment to VABC).
  • Topshelf Set-up

    Perfect for your upscale event. Contact for mocktail price.
    • Set-up/clean up
    • Themed decor, ice, mixers and drinkware
    • Two signature cocktails
    • Champagne/wine wall
    • One ATMB add-on
    • Two bartenders per 100 people
    • Liquor pickup (after host verify payment with VABC).
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